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Sci Fi and The Digital Divide

How come everybody always talk about the economic divide, and the many social divides - but most of us doesn't even realize how crucial is the digital divide?

It became more evident during the Corona crisis around the world, when most e-learning programs simply assumed everybody had enough computers - and enough broadband! - to support both parents and kid's e-meeting and e-learning.

But it won't end when an effective vaccine will save us all - the digital divide is one of the main problems that perpetuate the more visible divides.

And we have a huge blind spot if even Sci Fi fans - the very people dealing with technology and science as part of their identity, their soul even - rarely know about it.

Yes, it's yet another field that can benefit from a Sci Fi point of view!

And this time, we're excited to have the Sci Fi Eye first guest speaker: All cheer for Elinor Carmi, a post-doc researching and writing about the digital divide for quite some time.

Can we here a "Hoorah"?

Hosts: Naomi Karmi, Avner Shahar-Kashtan and Talya Vaish.

Guest: Elinor Carmi, Post Doc at the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Digital Humanities & Social Sciences.

Links: Elinor Carmi: Media Distortions. 2020: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers.

"99 Percent Invisible" Podcat - Palaces for the People episode:

"How K-Pop fans became a political force to be reconed with" / The Guardian.


Theme Song  - Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive By The Prehab Messia, under the CCbyNCSA licence, Source:

"Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" - From Star Trek: The Next Generation / Gene Roddenberry, 1987-1994: Paramount Television.

Neuromancer (William Gibson, 1984)

The Shockwave Rider (John Brunner, 1975)

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