Podcast and Community

We live in a hyper-technological era, where technology alters the very fabric of society. However, we are prepared, We read sci fi. We know how it goes.

The news, analysis, life, universe etc. can always benefit from a perceptive that takes into account the 3 laws of robotics, that asks whether autonomous cars will follow them, protect their owners or maybe turn on us all?

A look at Facebook's attempt at creating the first major non-governmental currency can benefit from someone identifying exactly the kind of Sci Fi reality we're living in, and consider the possible endings.
So we look at the world with a Sci Fi Eye. And we podcast about it.



Who are we? 
Three friends, originally from Israel, deeply involved in SF&F and its fandom.


Naomi Karmi

Digital Marketing manger and professor. Loves Social SF, Urban fantasy and fandoms. 


Avner Shahar-Kashtan

Software engineer by day, blogger and lecturer by night. Loves gazing inwardly at SF&F fandoms.

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Talya Vaish

Strategy consultant with experience in foreign policy and innovation. Big fan of anime and dystopian SF.