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Pilot: Truth, Trust and Technology

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

In our pilot special, we start with an app that tells you it's improving your photo but actually creates a new photo that is almost - but not entirely - like the one you took. And we end up proving how Science Fiction acts as an immune system for our society, and why we can trust absolutely nothing. Well, nothing but Sci Fi.

How did we get there?

Time to listen and find out!

Direct link - Listen through BuzzSprout or you favorite podcast app:

Hosts: Naomi Karmi, Talya Vaish, Avner Shahar Kashtan


  • Enhance app:

  • Deep Image Prior:

Credits: Theme Song - Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive By The Prehab Messia, under the CCbyNCSA licence, Source:

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