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Conspiracy Mad Libs

If you've never tried madlibs before here's how it works - fill in your choices for the underlined words/section according to the instructions in the parentheses. When you're done - go back and read the whole story with your choices and watch hillarity insue!!!

While still in school I chose to volunteer with (chose a type of volunteer organization which is actually a front for a sinister organization). I had some spare time and wanted to feel like I was making a positive affect in the world. They’ve assigned me to meet with Mr. Gregory. He was an older gentleman, he seemed very distinguished, somewhat lonely, and I just always got this feeling around him, like he had seen some stuff.

Once about a week after we met, Mr. Gregory, or Gregers as he asked me to call him, was a bit (choose an unusual state of mind) he started talking. “Kid”, he told me “I was content to take this to my grave but recently I’ve started thinking that this story needs to be told!” I looked at him, worried, what was he about to tell me? Did I want to know? And what kind of a name is Gregers???

“Kid, you listen, and listen good cause this aint no joke and no fairy tale this is the truth about how the (pick a shadowy organization) fooled the world and created the (pick a major world event) in order to (pick something you do to your enemy) the (pick a group of people you like) .

I was shocked beyond words. Mr. Gregory stared at me almost in anger as I sat there in silence. I wanted to (pick something to do when you’re uncomfortable but also kind think the world is a weird, dark place) but couldn’t even move under Mr. Gregory’s stare. Finally I managed to avert my eyes, and quietly asked – “why Mr. Gregory? Why did you tell me this, how do you even know??”

Mr. Gregory paused and the quietly said “(ways you know things i.e my mom told me)” looked at me again and said “you better leave now”.

A part of me was relieved I needed to get out of there, but a different part needed to ask so many questions I felt like my eyes had been finally opened! I almost ran back home. Some of my friends were there but they were talking about (something very unimportant to discuss) I felt like they were little kids, while I just became the adult. I excused myself and went up to my room logged on to (a website dedicated to the shadowy organization from before).com. I read for hours about the (weird ritual) rituals, about the (type of historical event) that were attributed to them. I couldn’t believe this was all out there for the world to see but no was talking about it! Some people on the forums said that (a group of people you don’t like) were covering it up so that they can continue (a type of crime) without any one stopping them, and that the (another type of people/ group) were in on it too!!!

I went to see Gregers again the following day but he was gone!!! GONE!!!

I was sure it was all related. I knew I was in danger as well and so was my family. I moved to (a weird place to move to) in order to find safety. I have spent the past (amount) years and made it my life’s mission to tell others about this danger. Trust me I will not rest until this is brought to life and everyone responsible is (an unpleasant thing to do to someone else).

Log in to (sinister organization).com to learn the truth!

Also I am selling anti (sinister organization) merchandize to found my campaign of justice and accept (type of cryptocurrency).

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